Wilmington Delaware

After a one nighter in Morgantown we spent the whole weekend in Wilmington and I got to go to Sadhana (https://sadhanayogade.com) twice. I felt very retro using the hotel shuttle instead of an uber to travel the 3 miles out to the burbs but only saved myself a few bucks after the tip. This was a serious bare bones studio that almost felt like a doctor’s office. No new age far eastern yoga chachkas for sale – and only $15 for a drop in. The teachers were young and these were not particularly inspiring classes. I don’t know – there’s something off kilter spiritually when a 20 year old is telling me that I can accomplish whatever I wish in my life – all I have to do is believe. Almost all yoga studios are worth experiencing though. At least the music was not intrusive. No mirrrors. Just a big sunny white box of a room.

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