Akron Ohio

We got to spend two days in Akron – which I have to say is better than twice as good as only one. If we travel into a city a do a show in one day, then the next day usually is free until the show (unless there’s a matinee – but that’s usually just on weekends when we are in a city for 3 or 4 days). So the second day in Akron I ubered out to Yoga Square (www.yogasquaredakron.com) in a kind of a hippyish area with coffee bars, tattoo parlors, live music venues and – yoga. Even as I was walking in I was recognized as a stranger by a friendly lady who promised me I’d love the class. The receptionist was very welcoming and the fee was – I think only $12.00. This 5 pm class was crowded and I anticipated an excellent class which it indeed may have been except for the fact that the instructor was a real mumbler – just kind talked to herself – so it was pretty frustrating. I do have to say that she was quite creative with her sequences and I could see why she had a good following. But the room was very dead – low ceiling – and I just couldn’t hear enough of the instructions.

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