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I am a professional  bassist and regular yoga practitioner ever since I turned 60 way back in the summer of 2015. In 2018-19 I traveled the country as a member of the “A Bronx Tale” orchestra and visited yoga studios in every city. From September 2019 until February 2020 I endured an extremely busy schedule touring with “Beautiful – The Carole King Musical.” Quitting this tour may well have saved my life because very very unfortunately many company members contracted COVID shortly after I left. My heart goes out to them all and I believe all have recovered. Ironically, I have to thank anyone (including myself!) who contributed to making that tour unbearable for me, or else I may have stayed and then died. This site contains my recollections of the studios I practiced in in every tour city – as much to clarify my own memory as to be used as a reference for other future traveling yogis.  And, this is also a bit of a travelogue answering “the how was the tour?” question. I may even post a link to some of my music along the way. I will not refer to any instructors by name but you can contact me privately for more specific info. Please post as much as you want about yoga or music or travel – no politics here.

While not intended to be a site of particularly judgmental reviews, I will describe my experiences in terms of my own preferences. I prefer sunlight to darkened rooms, quiet atmospheric music (or none at all) and teachers who speak authoritatively at a nice full volume because I do have tinnitus and don’t hear perfectly. I’ll probably remind myself of pet peeves as I recollect. I am not too educated as to the various kinds of yoga – since my choices are so limited as a traveling musician I just show up at wherever is close and has a class that fits my schedule.

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  1. You freaking rock, Frank (no pun intended lol). I love this whole concept and am proud of how well you actually executed it! You’re a genius. People, listen to this guy; I swear he knows what’s up lol. It’s true! Love you, Frank.

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