The Villages, Fl.

First of all when I saw it on the schedule this seemed like a very weird name for a town. Who named it that? I would have liked to have been at that meeting when they decided ‘Yeah – ‘The Villages’ – that’s a good name.” I assume it represents a group of private gated retirement communities. We played and stayed at a manufactured town area called ‘Spanish Springs.” Basically an outdoor mall. I saw that Trump did a rally there so I assume it’s a Republican stronghold. There was an excellent gym/health club right in the middle of the area – called MVP – conveniently next door to the theater. After a workout on the weights I went into the 1 hour yoga class. Probably about 25 students in a big sunny room and a teacher who introduced herself to me, asked what I did and thankfully stopped just short of publicly introducing me to the whole class. The class – made up of mostly women my age and older – was slightly challenging and included no standing poses – not even a downward dog! But some core work and good stretching flows. The teacher had one of the best teaching voices ever. Extremely clear, present, audible and friendly. That made it an excellent experience.

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