Athens, Georgia

I have fallen only slightly behind in my writing but on these tours two weeks feels like a very long time ago. I had heard of Athens as a hip college town and home to very popular rock groups from the ’80’s that I only kind of liked. It was easy to find the local retro hipster vinyl store which is always fun since most record stores have been wiped out by high rents in NYC and surrounding areas. Fortunately the town is also hip enough to host several yoga studios, Fuel ( was right behind our hotel and everyone from our Beautiful yoga club went to class. Hot yoga only loosely connected to Bikram. After 2 weeks I don’t remember much about the teacher or music but it was a great workout in another big window-walled sunny room. Crowded enough to get a sense of a strong yoga community and just short of being uncomfortably crowded. A typically well designed corporate environment – enough chatychkes for sale to give the place a bit of character but not too many to give it an overly crowded feel. One of the better classes on this tour.

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