Clearwater, Fl.

Fortunately I had time to go to a class in Clearwater. I went to a Bikram based hot yoga class and it was exactly what I needed. I don’t like Bikram classes because most teachers assume all the students know the sequence and I don’t – and it feels weird to me. I did watch the Netflix movie about him and I am convinced he’s a jerk at best. But I do like to sweat and the teacher here created an excellent modification on the Bikram sequence. Definitely challenging but more stretching poses than Bikram. The class had about 16 people and I felt she was really paying attention to everyone. I got a friendly personal vibe from her and she offered me a ride back to my hotel but unfortunately it was pretty far in the opposite direction of where she was going. Yoga Village is a serious studio – had a kitchen, lounge area with free tea brewing and of course an assortment of yoga accoutrements for sale. Definitely a studio I would regularly attend if I could.

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