Sarasota, Fl.

Sunny Sarasota and a room at a fancy Hyatt Regency! Rosemary Court Yoga was a 10 minute walk from the hotel and as usual I just showed up not knowing what to expect. The studio is in a pretty white house situated in what seemed to be a group of more New England type houses surrounding a court of rosemary. Very pretty. Sign up was very simple here. No pages of rules and disclaimers on an Ipad. Just sign that you won’t sue them and pay your 14 bucks. Free mats. A typically relaxed new age vibe. But – the teacher was an “Angel Therapist” so first we just sort of sat and she talked about the angels in the room, what was happening astrologically – and what kind of emotions the stars were addressing. Actually, most of it seemed to be quite on point in terms of my own mood. Her voice was fairly monotonous – not in a bad way – it did sound like she was channeling – like she was a vessel more than an individual personality. It was not a strenuous class at all but her hands on assists felt really soothing. I went back the next day for a more traditional gentle class with only 4 other students – I think 2 couples. Kind of low energy – Sunday restorative with a touch of exercise.

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  1. My dad used to live in Sarasota and we visited there every other weekend for a few years. Did you play at the Oslo? Anyway, that place looks so quaint and inviting, I love it.

    1. No we played at the place shows always play at – I forgot the name but I always think of it as the fire hazard place because there are long rows of seats with no aisles!

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