Chattanooga Tn.

Four nights in the same town! Longest stay since the very beginning in Worcester. And at a very nice Doubletree with a Gold’s Gym around the corner. After working out there for a couple days I went to two classes in one day at Yoga Landing. First was a fairly challenging heated (92F) class at 10 am. It was in a big sunny second floor room with a soft floor. Very quiet music and an experienced, well spoken instructor. She was authoritative enough but there was a little too much of the ‘alternative” instruction – ie – “if you can’t do that, do this, or just do a child’s pose…..” That kind of instruction is extraneous too me – like a song or solo with too many notes. We’re all grown ups – just a suggestion once or twice at the beginning of class and it’s understood – don’t have to hear it after almost every instruction. But otherwise an excellent class. I went back at 4:30 for a Vinyasa 1 class – I hadn’t taken enough classes this week and needed more. It was very beneficial but the teacher was a mumbler. After listening to her for a few minutes I asked her as kindly and respectfully as I could to please speak up but there was absolutely no change at all. Kind of weird. But overall a very good day and it’s amazing to me that no two classes are alike and there’s always some kind of new sequence wherever I go.

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