San Luis Obispo, Ca.

Less than 2 weeks and I’m out of here! A very, very grueling tour. But – there are moments. Last week we pulled into San Luis Obispo and found SLO Yoga Center – ( a beautiful room with excellent friendly teachers with very diverse styles. And perfect acoustics – I heard every word. I went to 5 classes in 3 days! The most fun was aerial yoga – luckily our very own Carole King – Kennedy Caughell herself accompanied me and we had a great time hanging, swinging and climbing. I went to aerial last year in Cleveland so I knew what to expect. The hanging material allows support that makes some poses less stressful on the body but can also isolate certain areas that strengthen those areas very effectively. Lots of surprises as you twist and fold around the material. One of the desired effects of yoga is too loosen the body to attain a childike lightness and as a kid I climbed over everything so I felt the 6 year old Frank come alive here. Definitely wish there was more of this around.

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  1. Sweet! I’ve always wanted to do this!!!! I love that picture. 6 year-old Frankie swinging from his feet!

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