Yakima, Washington

Sometimes I feel that yoga classes are kind of like songs. It’s amazing how only 12 notes that you’ve heard countless times before can produce endless sonic variety and likewise classes and instructors each have their own feeling and unique effect even if you’ve done all the poses before. The sequence, look, feel and sound of the room and of course the teacher makes every experience it’s own thing. So here I am for almost 3 days in Yakima Washington – a cowtown in the middle of somewhere I guess. The first couple days I just embraced the predictability of it – actually a good thing when you’re on the road. Like – a nice brisk walk from the hotel is a strip mall with a Planet Fitness, Dollar Tree and Target which is like winning the trifecta for me. But today we found a 4:30 ashtanga class at a place called “The Hot Spot.” (https://theyogahotspot.com). A cool Mercedes uber took Jordan and I through a dank industrial area – not very promising but we arrived at a strip of shops and entered The Hot Spot advertising that “love grows here.” Jordan talked the receptionist – who turned out to be the teacher – into giving us the $10 local teaser rate instead of the $20 drop in. The room was warm, not hot – soft floors, pretty dark….we got there early so I got a little nap in since I had worked out at the PF earlier and hadn’t slept much the night before. The instructor walked in and starting talking about yoga – like “asana” actually means “to stay” – I guess that shouldn’t be so surprising. Anyway – she had a beautiful speaking voice that I loved listening to – even though it sounded like someone who used to annoy me. She conducted a very focused and active class. She counted through the poses so you knew when they were going to end – I liked that a lot. Probably a record amount of chatarangas for me. I think there was no music or maybe very soft – definitely nothing intrusive. She gave some great assists and got me into a couple of new poses. I wish I could take more classes with her – I never use names here but I think she was the owner of the studio and – when you get to take a class with a real serious yogi its extremely inspiring and she is one of the best. Sorry to be leaving here. If you’re ever in Yakima….

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