Music -Broke The Bottle

One of my favorite sessions –  composed and sung by my uber talented friend Timmy Cappello, best known for being Tina Turner’s hulk of a saxophonist during her 80’s hey day. He is a brilliantly creative person who plays pretty much any musical instrument at least very well but to me his greatest talent is as a lyricist. But since this is MY site I’m including the song I recorded with him that has some of my best bass playing.  This track is from 1992 and Timmy put together quite a band for this LA date.  The drummer was the late great Ritchie Hayward from Little Feat.  On organ was Mike Finnegan from Crosby Stills & Nash and Steely Dan’s Drew Zingg on guitar. On piano was David Roitstein from Bruce Hornsby and The Range. Timmy of course sang, played sax and arranged the horns he recorded with trumpeter Lee Thornberg from Tower Of Power. 

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