Culver City Rooftop Yoga

Rooftop Yoga

Well the Santa Monica yoga scene shut down. The neighborhood rebeled against our gathering in Pacific Palisades and hardly anyone was showing up in the dark at Gandara Park – and it was dipping below 60f.

But I found that Red Diamond yoga had an excellent scene in what I guess would be the northeastern part of Culver City. A very well lit rooftop parking lot with typically excellent views. They provide big rubber pads on which we lay our own mats. The instructors speak into headset microphones that are well amplified. The music is usually quiet and non obtrusive. Occasionally it gets loud and I will say something as nicely as I can and there’s never a problem. Classes are usually around 5 or 6pm which breaks up the day perfectly for me. It feels very safe – and the rooftop is located right next to the actual studio where we can use the facilites – which makes it a much more pleasant experience than sharing the park outhouses with a cornucopia of humans. It’s occasionally a little chilly at night so I still find myself wearing clothes that feel cumbersome. But it’s supposed to be in the 80’s this week! If you’re in LA check out

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